One in five people suffer from emotional problems sufficiently distressing to justify seeking professional help. Their symptoms can range from relatively mild feelings of depression and anxiety to severe distress and dysfunction, which threatens life itself. Unfortunately, many people with mental illnesses and emotional problems fail to seek the professional help they need. Here clinical psychologists are concerned with all aspects of behaviour, thought, emotions, feelings and motivation underlying such behaviour. They provide counselling and psychotherapy for mentally and emotionally distressed client. These may include:
• Anxiety and depression
• Serious and enduring mental illness
• Adjustment to physical illness
• Neurological disorder
• Eating disorder
• Behaviour disorder
• Personal and family relationship problems
• Learning disabilities.

Psycho Diagnostic/ Psychological Assesment:

Psychological assessments are undertaken to identify and measure the individual’s intelligence, personality, aptitude, ability, talent, efficiency and competency. For children, psychological assessment helps in assessing developmental issues, intelligence and personality. It helps in identifying mental retardation, Autism, ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder) etc.

Assesments are of these Kinds:

Psycho Diagnosis testing provides objective data on a patient’s psychological functioning and is a useful tool for clarifying confusing clinical presentations.
Neurological Evaluation: is used for measuring memory, cognitive functioning, emotional and personality functioning, early cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s epilepsy etc.

Psychotherapies Services:

We have well developed facilities as well as services of experienced professionals that allow us to successfully handle the treatment needs of all type of psychotherapy cases. These include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Behaviour Therapy(BT), Rational Emotive Therapy(RET), Relaxation- JPMR and Crisis Intervention. The other treatments we provide include:
• De- addiction Therapy
• Bio- Feedback
• Marital & Family Intervention