Psychiatric Social Work Services:

Psychiatry social work services include individual case works, functional state assessments, family interventions, psycho-educative sessions, group therapies among other interventions. The aim is to assist people by helping them to cope with and solve issues in their day to day life, such as family and personal problems, dealing with relationships, occupational difficulties through skills training at individual level and mobilising adequate resources for person to live productively.
Regular Interventions consist of individual and group counseling sessions to impart psycho – education to patient and their families. Family counseling sessions for families of persons with chronic mental illnesses to enhance their level of understanding about illnesses and coping with emotions, educating them about the role of psychosocial factors in the disease outcome and coping with disabilities. The goal of intervention is to help in reintegration of patient into the family and community as productive member and reduce the overall burden of the illness.