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Community Outreach Services

In addition to meeting the demands of private treatment facilities,  the ‘Team  Shanti Home’  believes that it is the responsibility of every mental health team to extend their services to the lesser privileged/marginalized sections of society.   The team, therefore, took a conscious decision to provide free mental health services through a community outreach program for interior parts of NCR  and western  U.P,  The outreach services provide free Mental health camps and awareness activities including public lectures & seminars and targeted campaigns.  It also includes a Satellite mental  Health clinic at  Kasna   Jail; which provides psychosocial services at Aligarh Jail &  Juvenile Home for boys at Gautam Budh Nagar in collaboration with UP Government. Regular psychosocial intervention services for Uddayan Homes Greater Noida, UP   & Mayur Vihar, Delhi;  School  Mental  Health  Program  in Government and private schools  in Gautam  Budh  Nagar  District with support from the Directorate of Education and Department of Social welfare, UP,

Mental Health Awareness Camps

The first mental health camp of the series was organized by Shanti Home, on 2″ February 2014 in collaboration with Greater Noida-based NGO “Akhil Bhartiya Varistha  Nagrik Samaj ” Subsequently it has become regular routine with help of RWAs, Voluntary associations, and NGOs in the district.

These camps are meant to highlight the importance of mental health and related issues.Psychiatry consultations and counseling were provided during the camps in addition to awareness activities such as talks by experts on Dementia,  stress management, other common mental disorders, emotional and behavioral problems, etc. Time to time awareness generation campaigns on  Drug deaddiction, mental health, and other related issues are organized at different locations like schools, colleges,villages and marketplaces in Greater  Noida with help of audiovisual shows,  exhibitions, and distribution of Pamphlet and other related material.

School Mental Health Program

Special initiative forGovt. Sr. Secondry Schools

School Mental Health Program of Shanti Home was initiated in the year 2013 considering the increasing demands from the schools and parents for mental health guidance and counseling services. The objectives of the School Mental Health Programme are to sensitize and orient teachers to help and recognize the mental health and behavior problems and sensitize students about relevant mental health and psychosocial issues. To promote life skills as abilities for adaptive and positive behavior, To increase awareness of mental health issues among parents. To initiate and maintain dialogue between students, teachers, and parents,

The school teachers and parents are made aware of the psychiatric and other behavioral problems prevalent among children. The students have imparted life skills education for better coping with day-to-day life situations, which lead to stress and other related problems. Examination Stress Management Workshops were a part of this program in these schools in which students of senior classes were given tips for proper time management, and enhancement of memory retention power. Students were also taught Deep Breathing Exercises and relaxation exercises to reduce anxiety during exams and encouraged to follow some dietary tips so that they would feel more active and energetic.


Free Mental Health Services at District Jail Kasna And District Jail Aligarh

Shanti Home  Psychiatry  Rehabilitation  Unit Greater Noida in the association has started Free Mental Health satellite. Clinic at Kasna  District Jail [UP).

The Shanti home team with help of the Jail  ] Medical Officer, Chief Pharmacist, and another supporting staff of the Jail Hospital has started the inpatient services to those patients requiring intensive intervention.  The doctors from Shanti’s home also provide emergency backup to the Jail Authorities as and when required.

Life skills Training and Counseling Services At Observation Home For Boys

Shanti Home is providing free counseling services and life skills training to the juveniles of the Observation Home, old court, Noida phase II,  UP   on weekly basis. The main focus is to address issues like aggression, violence, drug addiction, and other mental health-related problems {Anxiety, Depression) in group and individual basis.

Mental Health Services At Uddayan Care Homes

Shanti  Home is providing free consultation and counseling services to Uddayan Care Homes for destitute and underprivileged children in Greater Noida, Surya Nagar,  UP, and  Mayur Vihar,  Delhi. Besides the individual interventions, group therapy services are also provided to help children gain life skills,  anger management techniques, emotional coping, and stress management. Regular workshops are also conducted to orient and sensitize the helping staff in these homes.