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Psychiatry rehabilitation or Psychosocial rehabilitation is a process of reestablishment of the individual who has a psychiatric disability, back into the community as well as enhancing disability to cope with that environment. Our services combine biological treatment, independent living, psychological support, social skills training, vocational training and rehabilitation, and facilitating access to productive work options.

These services are tailor-made for each patient involving a collaborative, person-directed, and individualized approach. We work with the mission that the individuals recovering from mental illnesses are able to live with dignity and work in the community successfully, enjoy active social lives, attend school, practice their faith, and maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing their own illness with the support they may need.

Day Care & Vocational Training Services

Day Care  Center  provides  services to  the  improved  psychiatric  patients discharged from  the  hospital  and Rehabilitation  units as well as the follow-up patients from  the  OPD,   A multi-disciplinary team  consisting  of psychiatrists, clinical  psychologists,   psychiatric  social  workers,  Occupational  Therapists,  Physiotherapists,

Psychiatric nurses and Vocational Trainers take part in the treatment of the daycare patients. The patients are trained in social and vocational skills, A structured working program for patients consisting of group sessions attending the daycare center has been developed.

This unit provides supportive services for recovered and recovering patients. It is providing vocational training in areas like tailoring, Horticulture, candle making, screen& Black printing, basic computer training Home care training, etc.

Special Initiatives for inpatients:

Periodic Outings:

One of the important components of Psychosocial Rehabilitation is to help patients gain social skills and develop confidence in participating in social activities and group interactions. To fulfill these needs the team ensures that there are regular outings and events outside the Hospital for patients either as individual outings or with groups. The outings provide an opportunity to impart skills in natural settings and help build up patients’ confidence in dealing with real-life tasks.  The outings include visits to marketplaces, parks, restaurants, places of historical importance, movies, etc

Besides the regular outings for movies,  lunch,  parks, and shopping malls in a group, there were also picnics as part of recreational group activities for enhancing social stimulation, and group bonding

Cultural Activities:

Shanti Home has been encouraging patients to celebrate all the national and regional festivals. On these occasions, patients are encouraged to organize cultural programs, games, and musical and dance events as a group. Family members are also actively encouraged to participate in these events. Over the past few years, it is observed that these initiatives are well appreciated not only by family members but also by patients as they feel it helps them open up and develop better bonding with their families as well as other members of the home.

Placement Initiatives :

As a part of the psycho-social rehabilitation program, the center also has developed liaisons with the nearby agencies.  Our patients after their recovery are being placed for practical training in schools, computer institutes, shops, Private Clinics, Hospitals, etc. It is ensured that during the placement process the therapists are constantly available for assistance and training to patients to help them gain skills and confidence.

Meetings with Caregivers:

Periodic meetings are organized with caregivers for sharing common concerns and forming a support network.  Issues commonly addressed are disability certification, concessions and other allowances for persons with mental disabilities, the Importance of psychosocial rehabilitation in the well-being of patients,  helplines for parents, a supportive home environment for the betterment of patients, and some home-based tasks to keep patients occupied, etc.