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Psychiatric Hospital

About us

We are a group of medical & mental health professionals looking after the critical need for quality mental health care.

At Shanti Home, we offer a complete range of Medical & Mental Health care i.e. indoor and outdoor Multi speciality medical, psychiatric & phychological treatment services for acute conditions, rehabilitation facilities, day care services for chronic disorders.


We are here to help you

Shanti Home India team provides apt medical treatment and support individuals who need special attention and care.
Chronic Pain
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Panic Attack
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Personality Disorders
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Dr. Rupali Shivalkar

Meet our team

Dr. Manish S Kansal

MBBS, DPM, ADS (Psychiatry), Consultant Psychiatrist & CMD

Dr. Rupali P Shivalkar

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Palak Maheshwari

MPhil, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Titiksha Paul

MPhil (Clinical Psychology) Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Sangeeta Mitra

BSW, MSW, PGCBR (Director; Department of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation)

Ms. Aakriti Varshney

MPhil (Clinical Psychology) Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Mr. Jomy George

MSW (Psychiatric Social Worker)

Mr. Anish Lonappan

BSc, MSW (Psychiatric Social Worker)

Therapy & Treatment

Simple process

How it helps you stay strong

We are a team of Mental Health specialists with the expertise and experience of more than a decade. We treat our patients and relatives as our own family members.
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Applicants can submit all health-related documents at our reception desk.
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We will conduct a thorough examination of patient's health condition.
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Based on the checkup results, we'll give consultation on the needed action.
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Follow ups
Shanti Home will do regular follow-ups


I realized I had bipolar disorder when my son was about 6 months old. I was feeling very good at one time, able to accomplish so much. I slept little and still had so much energy. My mind was constantly going. I would get upset easily at my husband for small things and be a different me infact unusual me. I finally was reading an article about bipolar and what the symptoms were. I recognized that this was me. I went to my friend and she suggested me to prefer Shanti Home. Then Shanti Home gave me with the right guidance and medication to help me be balanced.


Our son was suffering from Schizophrenia, and depression and was a chain smoker. We had been to many psychiatrists, psychologists, and healers over the last six years. Finally, we admitted him in Shanti Home, Greater Noida. His recovery has been phenomenal in just three months and our son seems a ‘totally new person to us. We owe deep gratitude to the team under Dr. Rupali for providing us hope when all around us was gloomy. We have cherished our relationship with Shanti Home and with each of the doctors, psychologists, and all. While we will still be coming back regularly for counseling, the bond of trust will be everlasting. Thanks again to the entire team and with best wishes.


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