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Vocational Rehabilitation is an important area in the total program of the psychiatric patient. Our goals of the vocational rehabilitation program are to mobilize patients towards realistic work goals and to provide them with specific adaptive skills. It has the potential of making the greatest positive impact on patients with psychiatric disorders.

Vocational training in areas like tailoring, Horticulture, candle making, screen & Block printing, basic computer training Home care training, chocolate making, etc. is being provided to the recovered and recovering psychiatric patients

Placement Initiatives :

As a part of a psycho-social rehabilitation program, the center also has developed liaisons with the nearby agencies.  Our patients after their recovery are being placed for practical training in schools, computer institutes, shops, Private clinics, and Hospitals, etc. It is ensured that during the placement process the therapists are constantly available for assistance and training to patients to help them gain skills and confidence.

The newer initiatives in this direction came from some of the caregivers who offered placement in their business offices, and factories. Some others who already had their earlier jobs were even offered night hospitalization facilities wherein patients would attend their office work  in the daytime  with them coming  back to the Rehabilitation home  in the evening till family members were confident of the recovery for discharge